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Words from Geoff Prout, CFI

Recently a group of aviators celebrated the fact that none of them had ever had an accident which they attributed to their philosophy “if in doubt, there is no doubt – don’t go.”Whilst I appreciate that this is a laudable idea, I have to confess that I’d rarely get off the ground if this was my practice. I find that the decision “to commit aviation” is frequently not clear-cut, which I suppose indicates that I do harbour some doubt. What I do have no doubt about is that there must always be an acceptable alternative – a Plan B.  So… Read More »

From the (1920s) Gosport Instructors Syllabus

“………as far as possible advanced students have been allowed to fly exactly as they chose, their experiments being limited only by the state of their own nerve. This has not been found to increase the number of casualties.”

What’s Your Attitude?

Posted on: September 13th, 2011 by Ben No Comments

I think it was Bruce Lansberg who quoted a New Zealand CAA accident study. This appeared to show that in 75% of fatal accidents the pilot attitude was a major factor whilst pilot mishandling accounted for 25%. This figure was reversed in non-fatal accidents. This reminded me of Jeremy Pratt’s interesting list of Hazardous Attitudes in the PPL /Human Performance text book. They were – Anti-authority – “Sod the stupid rules, I’ll do what I want.” Impulsiveness – “C’mon, let’s go for it.” (Often when a group of pilots is involved.) Complacency – “It worked OK last time.” Machismo –… Read More »

Time For You to Set Yourself a Challenge For Summer 2011…

Posted on: March 10th, 2011 by Ben No Comments

One thing that I’ve realised over the last year is how easy it is to slip into a personal comfort zone. Over the past months I’ve been struck by the number of qualified pilots who have said to me at some point “Oh, I haven’t done that since my Skills Test!”.

Fly-Out To R.A.F Boscombe Down

Posted on: April 2nd, 2010 by Ben No Comments

After the originally planned date of 16th January had to be postponed –planning anything VFR in January has to be a bit dodgy- the morning of Saturday 30th January dawned bright, sunny –and, very, very cold. So cold, in fact, that the countryside to the west of Salisbury was covered in snow, and looked quite magical.

New Zealand Adventure

Posted on: May 3rd, 2009 by Ben No Comments

NEW ZEALAND ADVENTURE We don’t have any very high mountains in UK-the highest terrain I ever cross is Snowdon in Wales at 3,600 feet –so it was with considerable excitement that I viewed a week of mountain flying in the Fiordland of South Island New Zealand. We had visited these stunningly beautiful (Lord of the Rings) islands previously but had only done a couple of rather short flights

Ryanair there, AT-3 back…..

Posted on: February 18th, 2009 by Ben No Comments

  Tuesday 2nd December Tom and I arrived in Wroclaw in the afternoon – a little tired and weary but very excited! Quite literally as we were stepping off our Ryanair flight from Stansted we spotted these two small, incredibly good looking aircraft taxiing across the apron at Wroclaw International airport. The registrations were G-TGUN and G-SRUM…and a glimpse of Chris’s aviators shining in the Polish sunlight in the cockpit of G-TGUN (surprise surprise!)

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