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Listening Squawk for Farnborough (West) ATC

As forecast in these columns (as all the best newspapers say) Farnborough have opted to continue with the listening squawk service which they utilised during the Olympics It is 4572 . It can be used when within 8nm of their zone on frequency 125.25 in circumstances where you wish it to be known that you are on frequency although no ATC service has been requested.

As your squawk will be taken as unverified and unvalidated I personally think you’re much better off talking to them if the frequency is not too busy. The same applies for 0011 for Solent.

LAPL Medicals

The NPPL medical declaration won’t suffice after 2015 and any renewals from now on will be for an LAPL if you plan to convert to this new licence. *** This will be more complicated (and expensive!) than hitherto so it’s important that the GP providing the certificate knows the rules! These can be downloaded on but we will keep a copy in Ops. You are advised to ensure that the doctor is familiar with the content before you lie down on the examination couch.

*** It is permitted to continue as an NPPL and not change to an LAPL, but in these circumstances you will not be allowed to fly “EASA aircraft” which comprise the majority of light aircraft including all those used for School training.

AIC 099/12 outlines changes to flight plan info..

It doesn’t seem to me that our simple jaunts to the near continent will be much affected by the relatively minor changes. However, have a care, – at the present time the French seem to be sticking to the rules regarding clearing customs in France. On a recent jaunt I was called on the radio and informed that landing at my destination would not be permitted as it was not on the list of entry airfields. I diverted as instructed and almost inevitably, was unable to trace a single customs officer but at least I was now legal! For a full list of European airports of entry use

AIC 133/2012 Use of 123.45

I’d thought that this frequency was only to be used for oceanic crossings and remote areas. But this AIC suggests it may be used if communication between aircraft is needed “for solution of an operational problem” when the word “interpilot” is (Call sign of A/C being called)(Call sign of A/C calling), interpilot, do you read? Be clear this does not imply that chat is appropriate and the CAA warn that they monitor the frequency from time to time!

Mountain flying in New Zealand

I expect some of you will have paid your £3.50 for Flyer Magazine and have already noted my literary skills. For those that haven’t and fancy a read about some rather scary flying, you’ll find “Fiordland Adventure” on the School web-site under News and Events (Ed. From Ben – the direct link is here).

Geoff Prout CFI.