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To all OSFS Students, Pilots & Visiting Pilots;  Please note that (as per Old Sarum Airfield regulations) we are required to land back at Old Sarum by local sunset (not local sunset +30 minutes) or 18:30, whichever is sooner.

As we move into winter, the shortening days means that the sunset time has now moved before 18:30 as of today, and will continue to shorten  throughout the coming months.

All aircraft flown from OSFS should land by local sunset until the sunset time moves back past 1830 next year. This particularly applies to the last slot of the day (nominally 1630-1830). Please therefore plan your flights accordingly.

Sunset times can be obtained via the Ops Desk, or via Old Sarum Radio in flight, or downloaded as a table in .pdf format here; Sunset Table Salisbury 2012