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Old Sarum is one of the very oldest airfield in the country. But did you know that within a few miles of Old Sarum there are three more lost First World War airfields and three more Second World War airfields? The lost WW1 airfields made up the core of the Royal Flying Corps training fields in the First World War. The WW2 airfields include the Battle of Britain fighter station at Boscombe Down and the Spitfire testing airfield at High Post. All are part of this country’s fine military aviation history. And what better way to see them than from the open cockpit of a 1930s Tiger Moth, which itself saw service in the Second World War.

The GoFly WW1 Airfields experience takes you up in a 1930s vintage Tiger Moth flying from the historic WW1 airfield of Old Sarum to overfly the lost WW1 airfields of Lake Down, Stonehenge and Larkhill and then to see the WW2 airfields of Boscombe Down, High Post and Oatlands Farm. The experience is unforgettable and takes around twenty minutes.

The package also includes a free entry to the famous Boscombe Down Aircraft Collection for the pilot! While waiting to fly you can browse the unique collection of military aircraft there, many of which you can climb into. It includes a replica BE2C from WW1, a de Havilland Chipmunk and a large collection of Cold War jets including the Hunter and the Lightning.

Span eighty years of military flying in one day. Fly in a 1930s biplane and then climb into a supersonic jet fighter!

Based in Salisbury, at the birthplace of military flying, and with a strong link to the Armed Services, GoFly assists ex-serviceman’s charities such as the Army Benevolent Fund, the RAF Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes.

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Tiger Moth flights are a highly weather dependant activity. GoFly cannot guarantee that all flights will go ahead on the specific time and date that is booked, therefore you should book your first date as soon a practically possible to allow plenty of time for rescheduling after potential weather cancellations.