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I’m not sure that this counts as genuine wisdom, but I thought I would share it anyway.

When doing my pre-flight checks on a Warrior, I like to start by entering the cockpit and opening the direct vision (DV) window adjacent to the left seat. This means that, when I’m outside the aircraft, checking the stall warner, I can hear it much more easily through the open window. Then, when I’ve finished my checks and I’m ready to start the engine, the DV window is already open and, when I shout “clear prop”, I can be heard more readily by those outside the aircraft (I will have checked, visually, that there is no-one near the propellor). When the engine has started, I can hear it more clearly and I can listen for a few moments through the open window to check that it sounds normal before I put my headset on. Finally, I either shut the window or, if it’s a hot day, leave it until I get to “Hatches and harnesses” during my pre-take-off vital actions.

This is just an idea that I find works quite well. You might like to try it or, of course, you might be quite happy with the way you do things already. Either way, happy flying,