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Today is the last day of flying in 2015 for GoFly. Many thanks to all our students, private hirers and staff that made this an awesome year! We present to you the 2015 GoFly Roll of Honour, and congratulate all those who qualified for inclusion this year.


The GoFly 2015 Roll of Honour 


PPL Skills Test Pass

Jason Hearn

Stephen Brindley

Emma Taylor

Private Ferdinando

Jason Bamford

Will Thomas

Kristen Steele

Hristo Karadzhov

Nick Jenkins


Qualifying Cross Country Completion

Hristo Karadzhov

Emma Taylor

Private Ferdinando

Clive Huntley

Steve Springett 

Kristen Steele

Nick Jenkins

John Goldsmith


First Solo

Mike Walker

Ben Goodrich

David Ralph

Lizzie Parker

Miles Ashley

Ishmael Martinez


IR(R) Skills Test Passes

Adrian Burrows


Other Achievements

FI James Stadleman – C208 Type Rating & BPA Jump Pilot

Steven James – Tiger Moth Solo 

FI Ben Koprowski – Instrument Rating Instructor (via Honourable Company of Air Pilots Bursary)

FI David Wood –  Instrument Rating

FI Mark Philips – Tiger Moth & Aeros Rating

FI Euan Muirhead – Tiger Moth Solo

CRI Reece Tudor-Owen – Tiger Moth Solo


We also said goodbye to instructor David Worsley, who has moved on to a position with Lydd Air, and hello to Operations Staff Jo Leak, Jason Bamford and Fergus McShane, and welcome Graham Cogle and Euan Muirhead to the Instructor Team.