Scenic Flights to Take Your Breath Away

Enjoy an incredible day of discovery as you take in the wonders of the south coast from a fresh perspective and see the natural world as the birds do with one of our scenic flights at Go Fly.

Scenic_FlightUpon arrival at Go Fly our scenic flight passengers are welcomed in the Go Fly offices and introduced to the excitement of the scenic flight around the Salisbury Plains.

Your scenic flight will take you over the vast green fields and picturesque cottages of the Cranbourne Chase, out towards dramatic panoramic sea views and across to the Isle of Wight with its rocky, chalk outcrops. Keep your eyes peeled for the ferry taking visitors over from the mainland – it’s a much better view from up above!

Scenic flights make an ideal gift for those with an interest in nature, aviation or just in experiencing something new. They are suitable for all ages and make for a great day out!

Be sure to remember your camera and let your pilot know if there is anything in particular that you would like to see so that they can point you (and your lens) in the right direction.

Why choose Go Fly?

With fantastic facilities are the airport, guests and passengers alike are treated to a fabulous day out.

As a team of highly experienced flying enthusiasts, we are passionate about spreading our flying wings and showing you exactly what makes flying such a special and unique experience. Fully certified and with safety at the forefront, our scenic flight pilots have your comfort and enjoyment at the top of their list of priorities.

Scenic_FlightsAt an upper altitude of 10,000 feet there will be plenty of opportunities during your scenic flight to snap away at the land and sea below. Relive the memories when your feet are back on solid ground with a post-flight talk with your pilot. You are bound to be buzzing and are bound to have questions about your scenic flight that we would be only too happy to answer.