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Minister without Portfolio, Grant Shapps has called on the General Aviation sector to tell the Government how it can make their lives easier by cleaning up regulations and removing red tape.
The Government launched its Aviation Red Tape Challenge last year, looking at regulations that affect the sector – more than half of which will now be scrapped or improved.

It now wants to go further and look in more detail at the problems that affect SMEs and people in the general aviation sector. As of 11 April, anyone with an interest in General Aviation has the opportunity to share their views on the regulatory issues that affect them and use their experience to tell the government how it can make things better.
Shapps said, “A flourishing aviation sector is vital to Britain winning the global race and that includes General Aviation as well as the large commercial operators. That’s why we are launching the GA Red Tape Challenge specifically aimed at the smaller operators and businesses for whom regulatory issues can be frustrating and restrictive.

“We want to help generate jobs and prosperity so I hope everyone in the sector from pilots to mechanics to training organisations to airfield owners takes part in this challenge and let us know how we can help you to succeed.”
The Challenge is a cross-Government programme to tackle unnecessary, over-complicated regulation. The default is that regulation should go unless it can be well-defended (such as on safety grounds). Even where it stays, the government aims to reduce burdens in its implementation.

Charles Henry, Chairman of the General Aviation Awareness Council, said, “I fully endorse this initiative and urge all involved in the Industry to identify those rules and regulations that do nothing to enhance the safety of GA but add unnecessary cost. All pilots and engineers should respond to this unique opportunity and help UK GA regain its reputation for having the finest pilot training and highly skilled engineers in the world.”
Anyone who wants to participate should log onto to or send a private contribution to All responses must be received by 16 May 2013. I don’t guarantee that David Cameron himself will read it but at least you may feel better for getting it off your chest!