At GoFly we always strive to provide you with the best customer service and the greatest value for money!

We are always comparing our prices with our companies to ensure that we are able to give you the best of both worlds.

Effective from 1 Mar 19

Introductory  Flights:

Type                                      20 Minutes     30 Minutes    60 Minutes

Introductory Flight                       £66                 £99                    £180

Hands-on Flight experience        N/A                £110                   £199

Vintage Experience                   £119                £169                   £389


Dual Rates:

Aircraft Type     Standard Hourly Rate (£)    Membership  Hourly Rate (£)1 

PA28                                £222.50                                           £178


Solo Rates:

Aircraft Type     Standard Hourly Rate (£)   Membership  Hourly Rate (£)1

PA28                            £192.50                                                £154


Night Flying Surcharge: £10p/hr 


Full Packages:

PPL-  Private Pilot’s Licence

Our PPL package is inclusive of 45 hours flying in one of our diesel PA-28’s and membership to our pilot’s club!2

Yours for just £7,965 (incl VAT)


LAPL– Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence

Looking for cost effective and enjoyable flying? Our LAPL package could be for you!

This allows the licence holder to fly all over the EU and requires less hours to gain a licence than the PPL.

This package includes 30 hours of flying in one of our PA-28’s and  pilot club membership.2


For only £5,340 (incl VAT)

IR(R) — Restricted Instrument Rating

In the UK we’re used to bad weather and the IR (R) is a great insurance policy for those who are wanting to gain experience. This package includes 15 hours of flying and pilot club membership.

For the great price of £2,670  (incl VAT)


Night Rating

Now that Old Sarum has night lighting we can offer a night rating for PPL students and licence holders. The course consists of 5hr of night flying and includes ground briefing. LAPL licence holders can also do this rating but will require further training contact us for more details.

Yours for just £970 (incl VAT)


Please ask for an E-mail about hour building to get further details!

At GoFly we want you to enjoy your flying, so why not become a member of our flying club! It’s an annual membership and you get a 20% discount on flying—at the great price of £300


Buddy Up flights:

Want to fly somewhere? We can help you find a buddy to go with you! (It’s better than a sack of potatoes!)


Other Fees and Costs:

  • Ground school (per hour)                                  £30
  • Ground Exams (Per Exam)                               £26
  • Instruction in  own aircraft (Per hour)                £65
  • Proficiency Check                                             £100
  • Pilot’s club membership fee                              £300
  • Day Passenger admin fee                                 £10

1 = Annual Membership required (Previously agreed rates to be discussed with Ops)
2 = Further fees will be payable to the CAA for licencing.