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A new set of exam papers will be released on 1st September. Although in future there will be 9 (as opposed to the present 7) ground exams, the total syllabus is roughly the same. Note that the various “PPL Confuser” type books may not reflect this.

One significant change, however, will be the fact that after 1st September all exams not yet completed will have to be passed in 6 sessions, a session being 10 days long. Why this should be, don’t ask me but it might be a good reason for voting UKIP next time round!

Any exam passes before that date will be valid after September 1st, it seems to me that the more exams. you can get out of the way before this new rule comes in, the better.

But note particularly that the exceptions to this are ‘Flight performance and Planning’ and ‘Navigation’ unless you have already passed both. This reflects the change in the composition of the questions.

Formal ground school sessions have always been available, but I suggest “brush-up” sessions with your instructor will become absolutely vital. The EASA requirement is for 100 hours of theoretical study and instruction.

Be sure we’ll give you all the help we can.