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In case you didn’t know, the rules have changed…

Those of you with the UK National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) may be aware that all renewals/revalidations were subject to ‘Revised requirements’ published in AIC 30/2008.  These included ‘transitional arrangements’ which were only available up to 30th June 2009 and thus no longer in force.

The licence itself (but not the ratings within it) is valid for the holders lifetime.  The ratings within may include; Simple Single Engine Aeroplane (SSEA), Self Launching Motor Glider (SLMG) or Microlight.  Let us consider the SSEP;  this rating relates specifically to the UK NPPL and includes any simple single engined aeroplane (that isn’t a SLMG or microlight) with a  maximum take off weight not exceeding 2000 Kgs.

This rating must now appear on the revalidation page of your licence (not in the logbook) and  is valid for a period of 24 months.  During this time in order to keep the rating valid, the holder must fly a minimum of 12 hours, 6 of which  must be in the 12 months preceding the expiry of the rating (the 2nd year of validity).  8 of the 12  must be pilot in command (this includes a requirement of 12 take-offs and landings which should occur naturally if your flights are generally less than an hour).  At any time during the period of validity a flight of at least 1 hour duration must be made with a suitably qualified instructor (if you don’t manage this bit you will be endorsed as ‘Single seat only’).

If your licence includes SLMG and/or Microlight then they must each have a certificate of revalidation.  Most of the necessary flying experience gained in any of the groups can be cross credited for revalidation purposes but reference must be made to the AIC for specific details.

Remember – we are not permitted to revalidate expired ratings, so if you have not met all the above requirements then the alternative is a General Skills Test with a school examiner.

Phil Mummery (Instructor/Examiner)