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The IMC course is a natural step forward for those who have their Private Pilots Licence. It permits pilots to fly safely in poor weather conditions and is a fantastic addition to a pilot’s toolkit of skills to help them return home safely if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Flying in IMC conditions can be challenging, rewarding and fun but only if you know what you are doing!

Additionally, anyone who has an IMC Rating by April 2014 will automatically get the new IR(R) when the EASA regulations come into force, which they will then keep for life.

More importantly the current legislation means that it will not be possible to obtain a new IR(R) (or a new IMC Rating) after April 14. Negotiations between AOPA and EASA may possibly extend this but at the moment there is a 12 period from now in which to get the rating.

Given the value of this rating we would strongly encourage those pilots who are looking to enhance their skills to contact Operations to enable us to pair pilots up with a ‘buddy’ to complete their training with. This will give a great opportunity to observe lessons without the pressure of being in the hot seat and effectively doubles the amount of training you receive!