Hour Building

Aiming at your Commercial Pilots Licence?

You’ll be looking for a cost effective way to build hours and have some fun, do some travelling and prepare yourself for the CPL course

Hour building packages are aimed at those PPL graduates needing the essential hours to qualify them to commence the Commercial Pilots Licence Course. Many key skills will be established while completing these hours and the content of which should not be overlooked, doing so will ensure that the pilots CPL course will run a lot longer and be more expensive!

Hour building packages are designed to mentor each student through a direction of learning with solo hour flight in the lead up to a CPL course.

 Hour Building

Absolutely…. GoFly offer PPL students the very best wet rate prices on our diesel PA28s. With fantastic range, our aircraft have endurance of up 9 Hours – perfect for those trips to the continent. With great availability the concept of using the Hour Building Time to travel is more than acceptable.

UK hour building has, in the past been expensive. GoFly offer the most competitive rates, most efficient aircraft and a customer service policy guaranteed to accommodate the PPL pilot from all walks of life.

Hour Building- Prices on Application

Hour Building Assistance Structure Please ask for an E-mail about hour building to get all of the details!

Hour Building Structure comprises of mentoring each PPL graduate through the various Key Skills Set required for the transition from Private Pilot, to Commercial Pilot.

Traditionally, PPL students have used hour building time in much less effective and productive manners. It is the aim of GoFly to aid and assist students throughout the process and ensure they establish the key skills, while enjoying themselves!

Monitored Hour Building is found to be the most effective way to prepare oneself for the CPL course and ensure minimal time in training, and most importantly a skills test FIRST TIME PASS.

Key Skills Building

  • Command
  • Time Keeping
  • Complete Accuracy
  • Navigation
  • Fuel Management
  • Instrument Flight
  • Partial Panel Flight
  • Commercial Flying Practices
  • Briefing and Commercial Flying Skills Test Preparation
  • General Handling

GOfly Hour Building Facilities

A comprehensive range of facilities are made available to each hour building pilot. Full access to aircraft similar to those which each student will be completing the Commercial Pilots License Course.

GOfly has excellent briefing room accommodation and a relaxed, informal environment aimed at providing each student the most enjoyable experience possible. After all, hour building time is the ‘FUN’ flying time – Commercial Pilots often comment fondly of their hour building days, rather than abiding to strict schedules and deadlines in the commercial environment.