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Get off to a flying start!

Starting the journey to your mastery of the skies is an exciting prospect. Whether it’s the first step to getting your pilot’s licence or a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’re after, here’s a quick guide to what you can expect on the day.

  1. FlightPilot_Training
  2. This one might seem obvious but a lot of people come to us for their first lesson expecting to stay on the ground in a simulator, or even just to cover basic controls. The great news is that you can expect to fly, and do it for yourself, under the watchful eye of one our qualified instructors of course. Real air time in a real aircraft.

  3. A safe ride
  4. We’ll give you the lowdown on what you need to know in a pre-flight briefing. This includes a little bit of air law, general aircraft knowledge and standard emergency procedures. It’s your chance to ask any questions you might have about your lesson or just flying in general too.

  5. Control of the controls
  6. IMG_2158The cockpit can look a daunting place when it’s filled with controls and instruments you don’t understand. So you’ll get a guided tour of the all the vital components of a small aircraft’s cockpit and learn how to begin reading them. We’ll let you get a real feel for the controls too, including the yoke which is what you’ll use to steer.

  7. Help on hand
  8. You’ll get the unbeatable experience of being in control of a machine in flight but with assistance and support at every step. We won’t expect you to be able to fire it up and take off, or perform a dramatic first-time landing that’s straight out of your favourite action movie. You’re there to enjoy your time in the air, no extra underwear required.

  9. Amazing views
  10. If you post a wing-shot to your Instagram account every time you fly, you won’t be disappointed with the breath-taking views you’ll get from the cabin. It’s a completely different experience to staring out of the tiny windows you’ll be used to though. Take in the panoramic version from your vantage point and expect to say ‘Look, it’s…’ and ‘Whoa!’ quite a lot within your first few minutes of being airborne. Flying Easyjet will never quite cut it again.

  11. A new addiction
  12. Sorry to say, but once isn’t usually enough. People arrive at the airfield intending to tick an item off their bucket list, and leave with a fully-formed obsession and plans to become a qualified pilot. Don’t worry though, we can help with that.

  13. A headset
  14. It can be fairly noisy in the cockpit so a headset is a must for allowing you and your instructor to talk, and for you to listen to communications with air traffic control. Plus you only really feel like a proper pilot once you’ve got a headset on.

  15. Qualifying time
  16. The time you spend on your first flight will still count towards the minimum flight hours you’ll need to accrue to go for your licence. Which is good, because we’re pretty sure you’ll be back. Everyone comes back.