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I’m particularly pleased to tell you that Sir Christopher Benson has agreed that subject to some fairly stringent checks GoFly will be permitted to operate his immaculate Grumman Tiger AA5-B G-BOZZ.

Why am I so pleased? Well apart from the fact that it’s a delight to fly and cruises beautifully at 115 kts. on 33 ltrs. an hour. I used to own a share and came across this picture taken a Old Sarum in 1994!


I shared her with a Cathay training captain and a consultant chest physician so always felt very safe in their company! My only anxiety was that the paint work was getting a bit tired and the engine was approaching its time for replacement. However the issues have been addressed, and here she is resplendent in her new paint scheme along with a new engine , avionics and upholstery.


She will be

£189 Solo (including Pilots Club Discounts)

£219 Dual (including Pilots Club Discounts)

Geoff Prout, CFI