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Our CFI, Geoff Prout, talks this month about AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association).

Although GoFly is a corporate member and most of the instructors are members, many local aviators are not aware of why we should all belong. The reason is that this organisation is practically the only one that represents us at a national and European  level where most of the far-reaching decisions are made. If they don’t speak for us, no will.

So what have they achieved in recent years?

  • Setting up the NPPL which has provided the basis for the LAPL
  • Fought for the retention of the IMC (now IR(R)) rating which does not exist in other countries but is a huge plus in achieving safer flying in UK airspace.
  • Establishing the Ground Instructors Certificate which greatly facilitates taking the PPL ground exams.
  • Establishing an aerobatics certificate which has now become the EASA Aerobatics certificate.
  • Liaising with the CAA on all matters pertaining to light aviation.
  • Representing errant pilots who have fallen foul of the law.
  • Running seminars to keep your instructors up to date.
  • Opposing closure of small airfields (They were massively supportive in saving Lee on Solent)
  • And a huge amount more.

If you are concerned with the future of general aviation and have already benefited from their efforts you should be a member! Students may apply for free membership. Apply here.