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Correct R/T.

I’m always pleased to read articles which support my own prejudices. I hate pilots using the expression “This is G-ABCD”. If you’re not “G-ABCD” why are you using that call sign? Likewise “We are currently at …..”.    As radio waves travel in milliseconds, where you are is where you are!  “G-ABCD is with you” also came in for similar scorn from the Air Traffic Controller  who wrote the article (Flyer May 2013).

He also quoted the infamous R/T exchange where the pilot finished his clearance read back with the words “and we’re now at take-off” to which the controller replied “OK” which in anyone’s book is fairly non standard R/T. Less than a minute later 583 people had lost their lives. Google KLM4805 if you want to read a full account of this worst ever aviation accident. But when you’re learning it‘s not always easy to know the precise terminology. But here are a few hints for the debutant:-

As radios differ from one aircraft to the next, be sure you understand how the knobs and switches all work.

Never leave a frequency without informing the controller / operator.

If the frequency is quiet use the squelch to ensure volume is adequate.

Geoff Prout CFI