Flying Lesson Gift Experiences

Are you looking to treat the budding aviator in your life? Whatever your adventurous needs, look no further than Go Fly to provide your loved one with a very special and unique experience! Our popular Go Fly flying lessons and flight experiences/Tours give the opportunity for would-be pilots to take to the skies.

Feel how the plane glides through the air and enjoy the sensation of looking down on the world below from way up high, safe in the knowledge that our experienced flight instructors and staff pilots have not only your enjoyment, but also your safety and well being at the forefront.

G-BFNK Our flying lesson gift experience days are a great introduction for those wishing to try something new. A flying experience like no other – give the gift of a lifetime to a friend or loved one ensuring their special day is provided by the very best in the industry. Flying_Lessons No experience is required and we will fully brief you about your plane, the basic controls, how it manoeuvres, what to expect on takeoff, landing and when up in the clouds and the all important safety features. We offer a range of gift experiences to suit your requirements, from flying lessons in a 4-seater plane, for 20, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or longer. Additional time at the beginning to run through the full features and itinerary for your flight will ensure that you get the maximum time in the air to fully enjoy your flying lesson gift experience and take in the spectacular countryside views across the south coast. Flying lessons are available year round and operate from our airfield at Old Sarum Airfield . Go Fly gift vouchers are beautifully personalised and arrive ready to give as that perfect gift. The natural landscapes around us make Go Fly one of the most favoured locations for flying lessons in the south. To find out more about this unique gift experience, take a look around our site and in our picture gallery.