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Like me, I expect you have virtually given up on this as there seem to be so many uncertainties, so I hesitate to bring you attention to yet another article on the topic. However, there is a very clear exposition written by Nick Wilcock in this month’s AOPA magazine, General Aviation. It’s the clearest one I’ve seen so far, so I’ve placed a copy at the Ops desk at Old Sarum.

Of course if you’re a member of AOPA then you’ll have already seen it. And if you’re not a member, why not? Read General Aviation and you’ll see how much AOPA UK is doing on our behalf.

I joined AOPA (the original American version) as they seemed to produce so many articles that were safety orientated.I’ve only just discovered that most of their stuff is available free of charge on the Air Safety Foundation website which I commend to you. Many of the issues such as weather interpretation will be US orientated but there are a number of courses which will be valuable for any pilot. Do have a look at and look at the Training and Safety section.

Geoff Prout, CFI