Piper PA-28 Warrior Diesel:

 The PA28 is the Work horse of the pilot training world. Ask the majority of pilot’s you come across which aircraft they took their fledgling flights on and a large proportion will tell you it was the Warrior. These aircraft are stable, popular with students, reliable and are the perfect platform for learning the skills required to pursue a pilot’s license.

The Piper PA-28’s we have are Warrior II’s which were first produced in 1978 and are seen by some as a landmark in recreational aviation. These aircraft as diesels are more cost and fuel efficient than a traditional PA28 and a real pleasure to fly. With the onboard FADEC systems these aircraft posses, the effort of leaning the mixture or keeping an eye on that EGT gauge is negated and you can concentrate on the important bit! Flying!

PA28’s on the whole are hugely popular and throughout the UK with 3000 registered on these beautiful shores alone. So whether its flight to the Isle of White, a navigation exercise towards the West or a cruise to the vastness of the North, these aircraft are perfect for you to learn your trade, or to hour build on.


DH82A Tiger Moth: The De Havilland Tiger Moth is perhaps the most famous basic trainer of all time. In these aeroplanes countless thousands of British and Commonwealth pilots learned the art and science of flying before graduating to the front line to fly the Spitfires, Mosquitoes and Lancasters of the time. At the end of the Second World War most of the RAF’s surviving Tiger Moths returned to civilian duties and served on for many years in innumerable flying clubs across the world. At the present day there are more than a hundred still flying in the UK.


Aircraft Weight and Balance Spreadsheets:

W&B Planning Sheet PA28 (G-BWOI)

W&B Planning Sheet PA28 (G-BFNK)


Aircraft Checklists:

Piper PA28 diesel Checklist v2 JUNE 2014