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There are two main problems with the “Wizz-wheel”

Firstly it is such a clever piece of kit that the various text-books / question books can’t resist setting all sorts of irrelevant problems for you to solve. The only two things you are required to do in the PPL nav. exam.(and in real life for that matter!) are to be able to calculate a heading and ground speed knowing the W/V, airspeed and track, and to be able to calculate cross wind components when the wind is not up and down the runway. So unless you are particularly interested don’t get involved with other functions until you have thoroughly mastered these two.

I have to say that the cicular slide rule on the back is very useful for working out the time taken on various legs, but if you wish to use an simple electronic calculator, this is permitted in the long as it is not one which is programable.

The second problem with the Nav. computer is that there are several different methods for calculating heading and ground speed and if you mix them up you will not succeed!

Let us know if you’re struggling!