1. Ben G says:

    I studied for my PPL at Old Sarum some 5 years ago, but I understand many of the great instructors are still there!

    The training I received was fantastic and I feel that I have walked out a safe, confident and conscientious pilot because of it! This has given me the confidence to buy a share in an aircraft and have some amazing fun in it!

    One of the guys in my flying group is an instructor, and despite me having only 100 or so hours in my log book he always comments on what a safe flyer I am and how I must have received some very sound training. I put this down to my instruction at Old Sarum and take no credit for this myself as I just do as I'” have been taught!

    The training is so personal and friendly, you are never rushed to ‘get in, get out’ like many of the big commercial schools. There is always plenty of time for briefing and de-briefing before and after your training flight! They have an ‘open doors’ style atmosphere where you can turn up anytime and chat to an instructor if you are struggling with any aspect of your training! It’s effectively free tuition which I am sure most commercial schools would change by the hour for and I would encourage anyone to make the most of this facility.

    I’ve always been particularly grateful for the instruction CFI (Geoff Prout) gave me! He is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced pilot, a lovely fella too. I felt he taught me to fly above and beyond what is expected for the skills test. This not only gave me room for some mistakes in the test but it has put me in good stead for all my future flying.

    In recent years, I have had the pleasure of meeting Ben Koprowski for check flights in their other aircraft types. He is a great laid back instructor, extremely friendly, great fun to fly with and cannot do enough to help you!

    I cannot recommend this school enough, it really has given me an firm, safe foundation to my flying hobby which I am extremely grateful of!

    Keep up the great work guys!

  2. Colin Jacobs says:

    I had a fabulous time learning to fly in the lively 2-seat AT-3 aircraft that were part of the Old Sarum Flying Club. Most of my instructors when I was a student pilot are still offering their services via Gofly, and I frequently need to call on their services for currency flights as I often work overseas for extended periods. They continue to provide the excellent, fun instruction and dry comment every time I go up for a check flight which makes Gofly such a fun place to learn to fly (and to continue to be able to fly in my case). The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and very flexible in responding to changing circumstances I would recommend this flying school without reservation.

  3. Tom Graham says:

    Huge thanks to all the guys at GoFly. Got me through my license in good time, they made it such fun and an amazing experience. Highly recommended.

  4. Ben says:

    Thanks Nigel – it was a pleasure flying with you 🙂

  5. Ben says:

    Thanks Tom – keeping our fingers crossed for some excellent weather in a couple of months time for you!

  6. Mike Glen says:

    Having returned from Florida with PPL in my hand, I set about looking for a flying school so I could familiarise myself with flying in the UK. I always feel that it is important to visit the places that you will be investing your hard earned cash in, so I settled on 3 schools. OSFS (as it was then – now Gofly) was number 3 on my list. They do say that you should save the best for last and that certainly applied in this case! On my first encounter, the staff at Old Sarum were top rate, friendly, willing to help and most of all, didnt look at me strangely when I mentioned the words “PPL” and “Florida” in the same sentence.
    From my first trial lesson with Geoff right up until the present with Ben (converting from the AT3 back to the PA28) all of the instructors have been first class, knowledgeable, patient and most importantly, FUN!
    Now Gofly has taken over, I look forward to the club atmosphere improving with some more fly outs, quiz nights etc.
    In summary, would I recommend Gofly?? I already have….!

  7. Matt Pakes says:

    I started learning to fly with GoFLy in March 2012. Since then I have had a fantastic experience learning to fly. I’ve found all the instructors I’ve flown with to be very knowledgeable and willing to help. During the flights they have always been calm and informative, helping and guiding at all stages of my PPL so far. Additionally, the ground-staff have also been fantastic. There have been numerous times when the beautiful British weather has conspired against flying, but the ground-staff (and instructors) have been very forthcoming with information about forecasts and suchlike. I have also found the aircraft to be fantastically looked after and I’m sure I’ll remember G-ERFS all the way through to the end of my flying days. It’s always a joy to fly from Old Sarum with GoFLy and I’m certain I’ll be back after I finish my PPL course.

  8. Daniel Floyd says:

    I had a lesson with David Worsley, amazing.

    Had so much fun and I would go back for more tomorrow. Hope to book some more lesson’s with David as I really enjoyed his teaching.

    Thank you so much.
    Daniel Floyd

  9. Ian Shaw says:

    Having looked around at a number of providers of training towards a Private Pilots Licence, I eventually settled on the flying school at Old Sarum and haven’t regretted it since. The syllabus behind obtaining the PPL was clearly explained and the method that the school would take me through was easy to understand. It goes without saying that all of the flight instructors are first rate and, where possible, the school matched me to the same instructor throughout. There was also plenty of coaching and ground work completed towards all of the theory exams that must be passed prior to obtaining the PPL. There always seemed to be a new way to approach the subject if ever my understanding wasn’t there and I soon had all of the exams passed, leaving plenty of time for actually flying. In terms of the flying, I’d recommend it to anyone; being in control of the aeroplane as you cruise above Wiltshire and Dorset is simply unlike anything else. The quality of the instruction I received meant that I was ready to take the flight test before I’d completed the mandatory 45 hours so the pressure really was off and I felt fully confident going in to it. I passed first time and this is true testament to the whole team at the School. Now that I have my licence, I will continue to fly at Old Sarum and make use of the various aircraft that can be hired to me, at discount rates as part of my flying club membership. Thanks to all of the team, especially Ben, for getting me through to obtaining my PPL.



  10. Colin Green says:

    Well the deed is done Old Sarum Flying School has gone and is now Gofly based in new premises next door to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection soon, worth a visit if your bored. They will soon also be in the porta cabins next to the tower.

    The sad thing is that there is no social side for patrons of Gofly, nowhere to just sit and chat to other pilots or cadge flights!!. or just decide to hire a plane as the weather has turned out better than expected if of course there is something available.

    I know its a buisness not a club but they need pilots to also rent planes and some sort of social aspect away from the hurly burly restaurant at week ends would be nice as its far too crowded down there now to just sit and natter.

    All said and done its great to see that its a far more proffesional image now which instils confidence in trainee pilots, knowing that they will manage the course in a much more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Good luck to Gofly may they prosper and get a few more aircraft for us to play with sorry pay with.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Colin – I’m pleased to announce we now have an operational social/seating are in the aforementioned buildings next to the tower. Please feel free to use it as you suggest above – whilst it is not a cafe or bar of any sort, it is an area with seating, information and great views! for the use of GoFly students & hirers.

      We should also shortly have a “buddy flying” feature added to our online booking system, which should allow you to arrange to pair up with other pilots as you suggest.

      We are also planning numerous social events this year – watch this space for further news…

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