The Ultimate Tiger Moth Flight Experience!

The whirr of a propeller, the rumble of an engine and a cool, airy breeze on your cheeks as you take in the surroundings from the vantage of an open-cockpit. This is what it’s like to enjoy our classic Tiger Moth experience!


Our Tiger Moth flights are the ultimate gift for those who already have everything or those that long to experience something new, or even for you as a gift for yourself, so join us for a scenic ride in this awe-inspiring vintage aircraft and discover how it feels to be up in the clouds, gently floating along…unless that is, you fancy trying out some daring aerobatics and breathtaking manoeuvres that will be sure to have your adrenalin soaring for hours. It’s your experience, so just let us know what you would prefer.

Fancy enjoying a Tiger Moth Experience yourself?

Tiger Moth Experience Flights last between 20 and 60 minutes (excluding the pre-flight briefing) and can be tailor-made for you. ‘Pilots’ will also have the opportunity to take home a video of their experience which is recorded in flight.